Our brunch runs every weekend and bank holiday from 1pm to 4pm. You can expect everything you know from our menu. In addition to the food, we offer you a variety of drinks to turn your brunch into a boozy one.

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Ultimate dining experience like no other
Yours comprises three unique standalone areas. Each area maintains our subtlety glamorous concept, whilst incorporating its own vibrant sophisticated design. Yours aims to captivate a great aura at all times allowing our custom to indulge in a highly entertaining and memorable experience.

Yours has three areas, each with its own character and personality, but maintaining the fun and sophisticated design that characterises this concept; bathed in a glamorous minimalism that invites you to celebrate and enjoy the music and the great atmosphere.



Yours carries a great drinks and cocktails collection.
The mixology menu includes creative cocktails with natural flavors and fresh ingredients, mixed with house-made infusions, fruits, and edible flowers. Thanks to this, it is one of the best bars in London.